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ACE offers a competitive benefits package to enrich the lives of our employees, both at work and at home. Our benefits are focused on assisting our staff members as they establish and maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives. For more information about each particular benefit, please see below.

Proffesional Development

ACE offers tuition fee reimbursement for all our regular employees. One of our beliefs is that in order to be truly successful, it's necessary to create a work environment where each individual reaches his or her professional potential. Additionally, ACE intends to offers a number of on-site graduate programs.

All teaching staff are provided with daily training capsules pertaining to both theoretical as well as practical aspects of autism. This daily training on an hourly basis are on-going throughout the year. The training is implemented by experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) in conjunction with NECC.


ACE offers health insurance cover to all its employees.


The centre provides transportation to and from the nearest metro station for all its employees.

For additional information on any of these, please contact us