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New England Centre for Children

ACE has partnered with the New England Center for Children (NECC), which has over 40 years of experience in autism intervention. NECC has made a name for itself in setting up ABA-based classrooms within their own centre, in mainstream schools, and within residential programmes.

In the past few years, NECC has extended its reach and has established NECC Abu Dhabi, as well as classrooms in Dubai, Qatar, and Doha.

At ACE, NECC provides expertise via senior consultants for hands-on training of the local staff, as well as theoretical learning via classes. The NECC programme consultants also trains the ACE staff on setting up classrooms, and creating modifications and age-specific enhancements, as the students grow and develop their skills.

NECC also provides the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia. In ACE the staff will be trained to use the extensive list of programmes and tailor them to the need of individual students (IEP), collect data on the same, and then analyse the results using the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia software.

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Universal Learn Today

Universal Learn Today (ULT) is the learning division of the India Today Group. It is an education consulting firm that aims to transform India’s school education landscape through promotion of professional standards, setting up excellent schools, conducting educational research, and developing teacher education.

ULT promotes an educational vision that believes in celebrating excellence, encouraging differences, and directing people towards a discovery of possibilities. The vision is accomplished through the schools ULT sets up, the curriculum it develops, and in the dynamic teacher- and leadership-development programmes it offers.

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The Heritage School

The Heritage School believes in creating a learning community where each one is free to be, and grow towards the realisation of his/her highest human potential through a harmonious integration of spirit, heart, mind, and body.

Over the last decade, the School has built a reputation for providing meaningful education through path classroom processes and experience labs that have set a benchmark. The chosen is that of educating children, rather than just schooling them. Freedom, empowerment, and continuous learning are the ethos of the School’s work culture.

ACE has been included as a specialised programme within the Heritage School campus.

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The Hans Foundation

The Hans Foundation is a charitable trust fund created to provide a source of endowment for not-for-profit organizations in India. The Hans Foundation is the beneficiary of an endowment given by Rural India Supporting Trust. The money given to us helps enable our commitment to social development in India.

The Hans Foundation supports organizations involved in projects that fall under one of our three focus areas- disability, education and healthcare.

In many cases, attention to one of these issues overlaps with answers to another, and THF normally looks at all perspectives that can be solved through funding a particular project.

The Hans Foundation is particularly motivated towards promoting improved and equitable access to education and healthcare, with special interest in improving the living standards and access to rights of the disabled.

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