Top 5 AI Certification Programs to Consider for Beginners

An Artificial Intelligence Certification can increase your value as an AI Engineer among potential employers. But which AI certification will be best for you?

Are you aspiring to become an AI Engineer and confused about where to start or which AI certification will be best for you to get started with this job role? Then, in this brief guide, we will be discussing some of the most popular AI certification programs designed for beginners. These certification courses help you understand the basics of AI.

Also, if you are wondering whether is it necessary to pursue an AI certification course, then you must be aware of the global AI market and the opportunities your way. A career in AI can be highly rewarding. The AI market is expected to grow beyond $200 billion by 2026 (according to IDC), and there will be 97 million AI jobs created in the same period. Not to forget, the annual average salary of AI engineers in the US is $155,093 (Glassdoor). So, having a recognized certification under your belt can improve your chances of getting hired along with higher salaries.

Here are the Top AI certifications to become an AI Engineer

Top Artificial Intelligence Certifications Programs

  • Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™): USAII®
  • AI for Everyone: Coursera
  • Jetson AI certification (NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute)
  • AI and Big Data Analytics Training: Khalifa University
  • ChatGPT / AI Ethics: Ethical Intelligence in an AI World: Udemy

1.    Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™): USAII®

The Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™), offered by the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII®) is a highly recognized AI Engineer certification. It has been designed for graduate students and young professionals with less than 2 years of work experience and who want to start their AI career.

This AI certification course covers the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence like machine learning, deep learning, python programming language, etc. There are several reasons making it a popular choice such as:

  • It is a self-paced course available online and can be completed within 4-25 weeks
  • Offers resources consisting of eBooks, lecture videos, and practice codes to prepare for the certification exam
  • Applicants get a sharable digital badge upon earning this reputed certification

It also offers an easy recertification and upgrade policy where you can renew or upgrade to more advanced certification by paying a nominal fee.

2.    AI for Everyone: Coursera

This is a 7-hour-long course available in Coursera. It is designed and offered by Andrew Ng, a renowned Stanford faculty and AI Pioneer. It offers a comprehensive introduction to AI and is suitable even for non-technical students who want to understand the workings and concepts of AI.

This course acts like a perfect stepping stone for those looking to become AI engineers by learning about AI’s impact on society, machine learning, neural networks, etc. With this certification, you can validate your broad understanding of AI and its potential applications in the real world.

3.    Jetson AI certification (NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute)

Jetson is a powerful computer system used to teach and create artificial intelligence projects. NVIDIA offers a set of AI certification courses that help you learn new skills in this domain. The Jetson AI Specialist certification empowers learners with hands-on experience and offers project-based assessment to validate their knowledge and expertise in using Jetson.

Another Jetson AI Ambassador Certification helps educators enhance their AI teaching using Jetson.

4.    AI and Big Data Analytics Training: Khalifa University

This program offered by Khalifa University consists of three separate courses that help the learners with the knowledge and AI skills required to extract valuable insights from huge datasets using AI and big data analytics techniques.

The program trains students with expertise in all major techniques in AI and covers algorithmic/machine learning aspects and data/application engineering. Students will understand and will be able to design and implement efficient and secure AI/ML Pipelines, will be able to apply containerization techniques for data-intensive applications, and more.

5. Advanced AI Certification for Leadership Roles - Certified AI Transformation Leader (CAITL™)

Above mentioned certification programs are great for starting a career in AI. But as an AI professional, everyone must aspire for AI leadership roles. The Certified AI Transformation Leader (CAITL™) offered by USAII® is a very popular AI leadership certification program designed to empower senior-level professionals with relevant skills and knowledge to integrate AI technology into their traditional business processes.

CXOs, directors, decision-makers, and any professional responsible for designing and implementing growth strategy must enroll in this program to transform their business and become a transformation leader.

Here are some things you must know about Certified AI Transformation Leader (CAITL™):

  • Since it focuses on leadership roles, programming skills is not mandatory to apply for this program
  • Professionals get to learn from industry leaders through 2 live masterclasses
  • Offers 150+ hours of HQ content and study materials

This program also offers Unique Assessments to reward certification, so professionals can choose to complete the assignment instead of taking the exam, which is optional.


As an AI engineer, you must have the strong knowledge and skills required to design, build, deploy, and monitor intelligent computer systems. These artificial intelligence certifications will help you understand the core of AI and perform your tasks efficiently.

Moreover, looking at the cut-throat competition that will be visible in this domain, it is highly recommended to get certified with the reputed certification programs. It will distinguish you from the crowd, keep you updated about the latest AI tools and technologies, as well as demonstrate your commitment to professional development in front of potential employers. So, what to wait for? Enroll now.