English Speaking coaching in Chandigarh

English Speaking coaching in Chandigarh


Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • Is English speaking important?
  • What are the benefits?
  • English Speaking coaching in Chandigarh
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs




There are thousands of companies in India, some Indian and some international. There are brands that are known to the whole world and then there are brands that are only known to a local population of a particular district in India. The amount of diversity that is available to us in India, that’s unmatchable in any other place in the world. That’s why many more internationally renowned brands and IT companies are eyeing the vast population and buying potential of the clients.


This can be a really big boost to the Indian market and could give our economy a much-needed boost. However, this move will not just help the Indian economy, it will help the Indian population on a large scale as these companies will not bring their own employees when they set up offices in India. the labour that builds their offices, the IT experts that work there, the people who will get work outside of these companies as cab drivers, rickshaw drivers and whatnot. It is a great step to handle the immense problem of unemployment in India.

English speaking course

However, there is another problem waiting for our young adults who have graduated but are not getting the jobs that they desire and deserve. These companies that arrive in India still carry their Western school of thought and require that all their employees speak elegant English. That’s where the problem starts. There are thousands of Indian students and working professionals who get rejected in their interviews because they cannot speak fluent English.

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Today, we will try to help many of you by giving you some tips on how to speak good English. Also, if you are one of those people who needs assistance in learning how to speak English fluently, worry not! We have the best English Speaking Coaching in Chandigarh. So, let us start with the topic without wasting any more time.


Is English speaking important?


As mentioned in the introduction, the English language has been placed on a different pedestal in our education system. There is no other language that is given this level of respect. Since our childhood, we have heard hundreds of examples where a person was insulted or laughed at after they had mispronounced a word in English. People are picked on at schools these days because they cannot speak English fluently. In interviews, there is a clear bias towards candidates who are fluent in speaking the English language. The skills and work ethic of that person will be considered much later.


There are many other reasons why learning the skill of speaking English is so important, especially in a country like India. We have a history of being slaves of many foreign rulers like the Mughals, the French, the Dutch and finally our last colonisers, the British. That’s why you will see that there is a different obsession when it comes to speaking proper English. We speak better English than the English and the Americans combined. And that’s why, learning to speak fluent English is important.


What are the benefits?


There are innumerable benefits that can be mentioned in a long list. However, you must keep in mind that your skills and your talent are what can take you far. We have seen cases where a student is a proper English speaker but is very poor at the job that they do and another student who cannot speak a word of English is amazing at his job. That’s why, we should treat English just like a language and not as a skill.

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Here are some key benefits you get after learning English Speaking:


  1. Better first impressions: Young individuals can make a great first impression if they can speak English fluently in the first meetings. It doesn’t matter what the setting of that meeting is.
  2. Better job opportunities: There are thousands of young minds that have been rejected based on their English speaking skills. The obsession with English is one of the main reasons for the rise of unemployment in India.
  3. Improved personality: As a native English speaker, I can surely say that there are hundreds of people who are judged every day based on how they speak English and how extensive their vocabulary is.
  4. Enhanced communication skills: Many people become introverted only because they lack the skills of speaking fluent English in front of others. You can lose this fear of being judged if you get the thought of “what would people say?” out of your head once and for all.


English speaking coaching in Chandigarh:


As we all know, Chandigarh is the combined capital of both Haryana and Punjab. This is also a known fact that the number of people applying for visas from Western countries is the highest in both these states. So, it was bound to help Chandigarh grow its economy and take advantage of being a dual capital. Now, Chandigarh has blossomed into a hub of education for both IT and non-IT students. IELTS and PTE coaching centres are also very common in Chandigarh, however, EnglishPro has the best English Speaking course in Chandigarh. We have the highest levels of experienced trainers and they help you tackle all of your English-related problems with ease and tranquillity.




In conclusion, many things can be achieved with hard work and dedication. English is just the same. It is just a language and nothing more but unfortunately, our society has made it a bigger deal than it was. Students are told to learn to speak English at a very young age. However, today we all know our parents were right when they nagged us on and on so that we would listen to them and learn how to speak English at least in front of friends and family members. So, if you think you are facing the same problems in English, come and join EnglishPro and get rid of all your English-related worries.




  • Are the English speaking coaching in Chandigarh certified and experienced?

Yes, we are a reputable coaching centre in Chandigarh and we ensure that our English speaking coaches are certified and possess extensive experience in language training.

  • Can English speaking coaching help with accent reduction?

Yes, our coaching programs in Chandigarh offer specific modules to work on accent reduction, helping individuals speak more clearly and neutrally.

  • Is there a flexible schedule for English speaking coaching sessions in Chandigarh?

We offer flexible schedules to accommodate the diverse needs of individuals, including evening and weekend classes.

  • What is the average class size in English speaking coaching programs in Chandigarh?

Class sizes vary, but we try to maintain smaller groups to ensure personalized attention and effective learning.

  • Can English speaking coaching help with job interview preparation?

Absolutely. English speaking coaching often includes modules on interview skills, helping individuals articulate confidently and effectively during job interviews.



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