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Building Client Relationships: Providing Exceptional Customer Service in the Pet Grooming Industry

Anyone who loves their pet doesn’t take their health and hygiene for granted. They know that their pet’s health is as prominent as their hygiene. But the busy world is replacing people’s pet time with other hurly-burly of life. Pet grooming services help those who are unable to take good care of their pets.

It has become a habit for them to fear for their pet’s care. One main reason for their constant agitation is the media. Pet owners are terrified because of their infuriating headlines and information.

As a pet grooming business, you are responsible for building trustworthy client relationships. Groomers should ensure that their customer service skills are top-notch to keep repeat customers and avoid negative publicity.

Customer Service Strategies for Pet Grooming Business

Communication matters the most

The foremost expectation of your customer is skillful communication. It matters how you address issues, what is your understanding level, how well you can pass on the information to the organization, etc., 

All these questions linger around in a customer's mind when they hand over their homie to your hands. How transparent you are with the information you provide to your customers is vital. Successful correspondence forestalls any errors and conflicts between the client and the pet grooming business.

Be explicit and brief.

Misunderstandings decrease when there are fewer word choices. It is crucial for pet groomers to be brief and communicate with their clients clearly. Be it the services you offer or there are any concerns about the pet, you must communicate briefly.

Be confident

Your clear and concise message needs a hesitant-free tone. Communication, whether verbal or nonverbal, demonstrates your confidence. Be sure to suffix your sentences with– I will, I agree, you are right– confident keywords.

Show empathy

Your customers leave their pets under your care only when you show an empathetic nature towards them. Understand the concerns of your pet owners and share the emotions within you. Avoid lines like, “I know how you feel” because they might lash out by saying, “No you don’t”. It is better to show them your empathy in their pet care.

Deny them politely

As a pet grooming business owner, saying NO is acceptable only when the other person is wrong. But not when they think they are right. An old saying, “Your customer is always right”. No, they are not always.

For instance, one of your customers says that they cleanse their dog daily and they don’t need your service. Do they know that excessive bathing can hurt their pet? It can lead to a dry, dull coat and itchy skin.

See, they are not always right. But portraying them straight away can lead you to customer loss. Convey the message very politely and convince them to agree with you. 

Let us take a hypothetical situation,

One of your clients is always unsatisfied with your service despite your efforts. It is advisable to send a mail saying that you are grateful for their business with you till the date and you would like to end your business terms with them since their satisfaction matters to you too.

Individualize the experience

Let us jump into the customer perspective.

As a customer, we choose customized goods over standardized stock. We do this to personalize our experience with the vendor. We feel much at ease when we receive a remarkable service. 

Now as a pet grooming business, your customers expect the same from you. Are you capable of providing a personalized experience to your customers?

If you are not, practice the tips discussed below.

  • Make an effort to build meaningful conversations in consultation sessions.
  • Develop your bond with the pets. It can retain your customers from shifting your service.
  • Train your staff to get personal with their customers to deliver excellent service.
  • Set up newspapers, magazines, and coffee machines(if possible) in waiting halls. Warm little gestures matter in customer experience.
  • Regular exchanges through emails and text messages are one way to know the customer and their preferences in person.

These are the root points to enhance your customer experience.

Acknowledge your mistake

Saying sorry doesn’t mean that you are wrong. It is an expression of regret. Your perception of a mistake shows who you are. 

It is common to make mistakes in your workplace. Due to work stress, many workers mess up their tasks. Common blunders in a pet grooming service are

  • Using wrong clipping and trimming tools.
  • Not rinsing properly after shampooing.
  • Inadequate brushing after bath; Brushing on wet fur.
  • Using illegal drugs to calm the animal

Committing and concealing an error from your client or collaborators could carry terrible exposure to your administration. It also leads to poor customer retention. 

Value your customers by confessing your blunder. Accepting and admitting any wrongdoing shows your morals and honesty. Your integrity in the industry is a way to build trust and loyalty in your customers.

Reward loyalty

Every service has its loyal doggos(customers). You must appreciate their loyalty and pay back with incentives. Here incentives refer to discounts, cash back, premiums, gift vouchers, pet toys, gift hampers, etc.

Giving discount offers to your regular customers has become an uncivilized rule in the business industry. To establish trust and loyalty, pet grooming businesses must give out discount coupons to the regulars. 

As a pet-prepping administration, dispersing food or entertainment mecca vouchers is trivial. Give out vouchers which increase leads to your business. In particular, Dog Spa gift cards, Pet gift Vouchers, Free bath vouchers, and many such. 

Make gift hampers memorable to your customers by including your best product samples in hampers and sending them to their doorstep. Do not forget to add a thank you note and a small flower bouquet to the basket.

Participate in communities and host events

Taking part in pet grooming service communities provides valuable details about the nuts and bolts in the industry. It is always beneficial to have information in hand. 

Increase your company’s reach by partnering with pet-friendly businesses and tapping into their customer base. Marketing through these platforms will benefit both parties. 

Establish community boards to post flyers or present your business card to share services with potential customers. Make sure your designs are eye-catching and show your services clearly.

Use appointment schedulers

Groomers are looking for online appointment scheduling software to save time and make it easier for clients to book their appointments. 

Give a break for yourself, and let Picktime handle your tasks. Picktime is a Pet Services Scheduling Software that allows easy scheduling of appointments for pet care providers and animal lovers. It is an exceptional platform for groomers looking to streamline their workflow, improve productivity, and increase sales. It helps pet grooming businesses enhance their relationships with their clients by allowing them more time to focus on the business and less time on administrative tasks.

With Picktime by their side, pet grooming businesses can ease their appointment booking process. Appointments can be booked through the booking page or can be manually entered as per preference. These appointments are scheduled in the online calendar automatically without human intervention. All the staff members as well as the clients are notified of the appointments so that no one misses them.

Additionally, the staff management feature of Picktime helps assign clients to the groomers automatically. It also provides a personalized booking page to users that can be used to book appointments and services. Picktime simplifies the process of booking and scheduling pet grooming appointments and eliminates the hassle of manual administrative tasks. Key features of Picktime include:

  • Online self-scheduling site
  • Allows to manage staff
  • Create custom reports
  • Can add services
  • Maintain a client database
  • 24 hrs email support
  • Automated reminders
  • Payment management
  • Integrated with helpful applications and more!


Building client relationships might seem hard in the pet grooming business. Pet groomers need to provide exceptional customer service and enhance client relationships. Adhere to this article and offer exceptional customer service to build great client relationships. Check out Picktime to ease your workflow and thank us later!