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Renub Research latest report “Global Agriculture Tractor Market, Drive types (Two Wheel Driver, and Four Wheel Driver), Engine Power (less than 40 HP, 40 HP to 99 HP, 100 HP to 150 HP, 151 HP to 200 HP, 201 HP to 270 HP, 271 HP to 350 HP, and Above 350 HP), Application (Land Development & Seed Bed Preparation, Sowing & Planting, Weed Cultivation, Plant Protection, Harvesting & Threshing, and Post-harvest & Agro Processing), Country, Companies 2022-2028,” finds that the Global Agriculture Tractor Market size will reach US$ 100.18 Billion in 2028.

A tractor is a vehicle usually ready with one or two small wheels inside the front and large wheels on the rear. These agricultural machines are in most cases utilized for various farming operations, such as plowing, tilling, and planting. Tractors also serve in responsibilities inclusive of distributing fertilizers, clearing land, and for more work. The escalating cost of labor, pushed with the aid of urbanization and rural-to-urban migration, is directly linked to production price. Mechanization emerges as an approach to reduce labour costs, and the growing demand for mechanization is compounded by government assist via subsidies. Additionally, technological improvements and heightened cognizance amongst farmers approximately the advantages of mechanization, such as precision farming and the adoption of technology are bolstering tractor demand.

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Tractors, available in a variety of power alternatives from under 20 HP to over 60 HP, are critical for activities like harrowing, plowing, tilling, and planting. They find applications in diverse farming settings, including row crop, orchard, and gardening. The increase of the agricultural segment, mainly in growing nations like India, China, and Brazil, wherein agriculture plays a vast position within the economy, drives the demand for tractors for cultivation and planting. Government initiatives offering financial support and decrease interest rates on loans further boost the global agricultural tractor marketplace. As farm income increase, tractors emerge as handier, spurring demand. Numerous world government programs, such as those initiated via the government and their country governments, aim to assist farmers.

Europe agriculture tractor industry is on the rise


The convergence of agriculture and digital technology has delivered a novel realm of innovation, paving the manner for a better agricultural landscape within the Europe agriculture tractor market. Presently, technologically advanced tractors are comfortably to be had, incorporating capabilities like GPS and remote sensing to enhance precision and productivity in farming practices. Various driving forces propel the Europe agriculture tractor industry, substantially the increasing mechanization of farming operations and authority’s aid thru subsidies. However, demanding situations loom big, encompassing the excessive expenses of tractors and agricultural machinery, rigorous pollution policies, and intensified competition from low-cost manufacturers. Nevertheless, huge growth possibilities abound, pushed by using factor like rising food demand, authorities’ initiatives, and the emergence of new distribution channels such as e-commerce.

Technological advancements are reshaping farming practices, with improvements like self-using agricultural tractors poised to enhance efficiency and productivity. These factors are expected to drive the worldwide agricultural tractor marketplace's growth. Market competition is fierce, with many companies introducing new agricultural tractor models to gain a competitive edge. Major market players are investing heavily in research and development to create cutting-edge equipment, solidifying their market presence.


Company Insights                                                                                           

  • Overview
  • Recent Development
  • Sales Analysis


Analysis of seven companies in the Global Agriculture Tractor Market

  1. John Deere's
  2. CNH Industrial
  3. AGCO Corporation
  4. KUBOTA Corporation
  5. Mahindra & Mahindra
  6. ClaasKGaAmbH, Escorts Ltd.
  7. Titan Machinery Inc.


Drive Types – Global Agriculture Tractor Market has been covered from two viewpoints.

  1. Two Wheel Drivers
  2. Four Wheel Drivers

Engine Power – Global Agriculture Tractor Market has been covered from seven viewpoints.

  1. less than 40 HP
  2. 40 HP to 99 HP
  3. 100 HP to 150 HP
  4. 151 HP to 200 HP
  5. 201 HP to 270 HP
  6. 271 HP to 350 HP
  7. Above 350 HP


Application – Global Agriculture Tractor Market has been covered from six viewpoints.

  1. Land Development & Seed Bed Preparation
  2. Sowing & Planting
  3. Weed Cultivation
  4. Plant Protection
  5. Harvesting & Threshing
  6. Post-harvest & Agro Processing


Countries – Global Agriculture Tractor Market and Volume have been covered from nineteen country viewpoints.

  1. Americas

1.1    United States

1.2    Canada

1.3    Brazil


  1. Europe

2.1    Germany

2.2    France

2.3    Russia

2.4    Turkey

2.5    Spain

2.6    United Kingdom

2.7    Ireland

2.8    Italy


  1. Asia Pacific

3.1    China

3.2    India

3.3    Australia

3.4    Japan

3.5    Korea

  1. Africa

4.1    South Africa

  1. Rest of the World


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