IT Staff Augmentation: Guide to Improve Communication


Every single part of our life relies on technology during the 21st century. Moreover, companies can see a huge growth in the technological advancements. As a result, this growth has increased the demand for IT Augmentation professionals.

A study by Statista has predicted that the IT sector will generate a revenue of $1570 million by the end of 2027. However, this growth has posed an abundance of challenges for the organizations. One of them is a shortage of highly skilled IT professionals.

The number of job openings for IT professionals is growing, but the lack of the right skills keeps the void as it is. According to one research by PwC, the United States alone will incur a loss of $8.5 billion by the end of 2030.

Hence, companies are using IT staff augmentation services to fill skill gaps instead of hiring more employees.

If you are an organization that is looking to leverage IT services, then this blog is for you. In this guide, we will learn everything about & around staff augmentation. Let's get started!

What is IT Staff Augmentation

It is when organizations hire remote developers globally to fill skill gaps. By using the staff augmentation model, companies can hire remote tech talents to meet the immediate requirements. Furthermore, the companies that do not have time to implement a lengthy hiring process then this method comes to their rescue.

Hiring remote developers can help organizations achieve smooth integration between both in-house teams & remote teams.

Why should you consider IT Staff Augmentation?

The amount of advancement in technology has led organizations to boost their productivity & efficiency. But, it is unlikely that every organization would have the right resources to meet the technological advancements. Therefore, it becomes crucial for organizations to use staff augmentation services to meet the uncertainties.

The remotely dedicated team will carefully work with your existing team to achieve a successful project deliverability. Moreover, you should consider hiring staff augmentation services to get access to a diverse pool of IT professionals.

Furthermore, hiring a staff augmentation company will also help you reduce the costs incurred by a lengthy hiring process.

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Different types of Staff augmentation services

Project-based augmentation

This method lets organizations hire software engineers with expertise in software development. Project-based teams focus on working towards a specific software development project.

Skill-based augmentation

When organizations hire software development teams to bridge required skill shortages. By, hiring these teams companies ensure to enhance their skill gaps effectively.

Time-based Augmentation

Using this method enables your company to hire remote developers to work for a specific period. Moreover, the organization will dismantle these teams after project completion.

Hybrid staff augmentation

When an organization combines different models, it is called a hybrid model. Using, this model will allow the organization get double the benefits

Onshore Augmentation of IT team members

When a company hires augmented staff from the same country, it's called onshore augmentation. By hiring such teams companies aim to fulfill the technical skill gaps.

Nearshore Augmentation of IT professionals

Hiring a development team from a nearby country with the same time zone is known as nearshore augmentation. Additionally, by using the nearshore model companies ensure a smooth development process.

Offshore staff augmentation

When organizations opt for working remotely they hire offshore staff. However, hiring an offshore development team can be riskier if the strategy is not implemented thoughtfully.

Dedicated teams

When companies want to hire a remote team to only focus on a specific project, they use this hiring model. Dedicated teams will bring a high set of skills & expertise to the project management.

Based on the specific requirements & needs organizations can choose the best fit that meets their requirement. Further, let's understand the pros & cons of IT staff augmentation.

What are the Pros of IT Staff Augmentation services?

By using IT staff-augmented services organizations get the luxury to observe five pros for their business. Let's learn about all the advantages of Staff augmentation.

Access to global talent

Organizations can access more IT talent worldwide by using staff augmentation services. Moreover, this method allows the companies to hire the right professional for a specific expert task.

Cost savings

By leveraging staff augmentation services, companies can attain cost-cutting. Staff augmentation services allow the companies to minimize the hiring process to save both time & money.


This method lets the organization adjust their development team size according to their needs. Staff augmentation services allow the company to hire developers temporarily.

Faster time to market

Organizations that use IT outsourcing services get access to the global talent pool. Thus, it allows them to attain speedy project deliverability.

Reduction in scope of risks

By hiring an external team, you can reduce the risks of hiring more in-house developers.

What are the drawbacks of Staff augmentation?

Despite the advantages like cost savings & flexibility, there are still a few challenges companies face when hiring remote developers. Let's learn some of the most significant drawbacks of Staff augmentation.

Communication barriers

As remote team management comprises IT professionals from across the globe, it becomes difficult to maintain communication. It's difficult for organizations to have smooth communication when remote team members speak different languages.

But, using effective communication channels can help organizations streamline the flow of information.

Additionally using communication tools like Slack, Google Meet & Zoom can help the organizations in streamlining the communication flows. Organizations should create various ways to communicate, such as emails, messaging apps, and video conferencing tools, for smooth communication.

Lack of control

By using staff augmentation, you are handling the project control to external teams. This handover can pose some severe data security risks.

Steps to follow when hiring IT Staff Augmentation services

IT augmentation services comprise five steps. Keep reading to understand all the steps.

Identify the Needs

Before opting to hire staff augmented services it is necessary to identify your needs & requirements. Additionally, the companies should state the number of resources & skills required to outsource.

Determining the scope

Further, the organization needs to define the roles & responsibilities & project duration to all the remote members. Moreover, they should also state the skills & expertise required.

Choosing the right candidates

Out of the shortlisted candidates, the organizations should hire the best fit of candidates that meet their requirements.

Onboarding & integration

After choosing the right fit, the next step is to run a thorough induction process. The company must provide the right information to each remote team member.

Management & Oversight

During the development process, the organization should run a thorough process to oversee the progress of the work. Moreover, they need to provide constructive feedback for improvisation.

How to choose IT staff augmentation

Look for relevant experience

Before hiring an external staffing partner, companies should look for the industry-level experience of the staff augmentation company.

Assess the technical expertise

It is important to analyze the technical expertise of the outsourcing vendor before finalizing the deal. The skill set availability, project management efficiency, etc. need to be analyzed.

Checking cultural fit

While hiring remote employees, it is important to check the cultural compatibility of the vendor organization.

Communication skills

Analyzing the communication skills of the vendor part becomes an important point of consideration during the hiring process.

Reviewing data security measures

The organizations must check the data prevention measures taken by the outsourcing company. Data security is a concern to be mindful of.

Evaluate Cost

Before outsourcing IT services, it is important to evaluate the costs charged by outsourcing vendors. Later, choose the option that fits your budget & fulfills your requirements.

Connecting with references

Before hiring IT outsourcing services, it's important to check references to find the best fit for your needs. Additionally, taking proper feedback from past clients will be quite helpful in decision-making.

IT Staff Augmentation: How's the future?

It has a promising future. A report by Grand View Research predicts that the market for augmentation services will be worth $147.2 million by 2028.

The growing use of Cloud computing, AI, and IoT is leading to more staff-augmented services being used. Moreover, after COVID-19 remote work culture has become popular.

Advancements in technology have encouraged companies to adopt staff augmentation services to hire developers to meet the skill gaps.

Wrapping Up!

By using IT staff augmentation organizations can hire remote developers to meet the skill gaps. Based on the considerations stated above companies can find the best fit to achieve a successful project completion.

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Remote Team & In-house Team: A Seamless Integration


In the rapidly changing business era, the working pattern has seen a transformational change. Individuals are on the path of embracing remote work & freelancing. Companies are on the hunt to hire remote developers from across the globe.

As 16% of businesses are fully remote & with a staggering 1.57 billion freelancers globally, it is proof that remote work is here to stay. A tech giant like Google has seen a significant number of contract workers out of their workforce. A total of 54% of the workforce comprises freelancers which exceeds the ratio of full-time employees.

Firstly, it is necessary to understand the value that remote developers bring to your tech team. Remote employees provide flexibility, specialized skills & the ability to scale your workforce as per the project needs. Adopting remote teams enables you access to global tech talent available to work in different time zones.

Now, let's start with the term Remote Team.

What is a Remote Team?

A remote team refers to a group of employees who collaborate to work from different geographic areas. The concept of working remotely has been around for a long time but made the buzz after the advancements in technology.

Today, a major chunk of the workforce comprises remote teams. The figures for remote work adoption are higher in the IT sector. Almost, every company is looking to hire remote developers to meet their software solution requirements.

Big companies like Shopify & Twitter are hiring remote developers by embracing a distributed teams model. Other players in the market are following this trend due to the perks it provides.

From an employee point of view, remote teams provide advantages like convenience & flexibility in work hours. From the viewpoint of the company, remote teams provide a potential reduction in costs.

Apart from the advantage stated above, remote teams offer an abundance of benefits for both employees & enterprises. However, if your business is still in its beginning phase, it is likely that will find it to to manage remote teams effectively.

Despite, the availability of technology, it will be difficult for your team to adapt to the changing needs.

Every team member needs to adjust to remote work. there are instances when their productivity will decline. Each member needs to have essential remote work skills to adapt to the changing needs.

They also need to adjust to the new roles of communication & collaboration. Remote work blurred the line between personal & work life, causing an increase in stress.

Now let's first understand the advantages of Remote teams from an Employee perspective.

Hiring remote developers leads an organization to fulfill their project needs.

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What are the advantages of remote teams: From an Employee viewpoint

Enables work-life balance:

A study by PwC states that 67% of employees can balance their work life after choosing to work remotely. Work from work-from-home model decreases the commute time & increases the time for rest, thus allowing one to maintain a quality life.

Increases productivity:

As remote employees get a lot of time to rest, it increases their productivity. The number of distractions is less after working from home.

Improvement in Employee retention rate:

As organizations have embraced working from home, it encourages employees to stay with the company for a long time. One report by Owl Labs states that 74% of employees stayed in the same company when they were provided an option to work remotely.

Improved lifestyle choices:

Remote work enables a healthier lifestyle, as it allows an employee to enjoy their habit while at work. Doing this has shown a decrease in burnout which is as low as 26%.

Customized Work Environment:

Embracing remote work allows an employee to customize their work setup keeping their comfort & productivity in mind.

Now, let's understand the advantages of remote teams from an Employee viewpoint

What are the advantages of Remote teams: From an employer's viewpoint

  • There are a bunch of advantages every employer gets by hiring a remote team. We have covered each advantage from an employer's viewpoint in our previous blog.
  • Check out our blog on Remote Team: A first aid to overcome project management
  • Now, let's understand the best practices for hiring software development outsourcing services for managing a remote software solution project.
  • Before moving into understanding best practices for software development outsourcing let's understand what the term means.

What are Software Development Outsourcing Services?

When any organization tends to build a remote team, they would choose any one of the two options. First, they will look to run through a hiring process to hire top-talent of remote candidates from across the globe. Secondly, they would hire external software development outsourcing services to meet their web development & software development needs.

Let's understand the term Software Development outsourcing services.

When an organization outsources its software development project to an Outsourcing Company it is known as Software Development outsourcing.

In the next step, every organization will work towards integrating their in-house team & remote team.

Let's understand how any organization can seamlessly integrate its in-house team development with remote teams.

Steps to achieve seamless integration of In-house team & remote team

An in-house development might benefit a lot when integrated with a remote team. This integration might not be for the long term but it would give fruitful returns. The integration can help the in-house team improvise their soft skills like communication skills & teamwork & problem-solving skills.


Let's understand how an organization can achieve seamless integration of both teams.

Establish effective communication channels:

While integrating remote & in-house teams it is necessary to build systematic communication channels. Make a detailed plan of what communication tools need to be used, and what are communication channels to be used.

An organization can use tools like Slack, Skype & Google Meet, & Zoom to maintain a smooth flow of communication.

Stating diversified communication channels like Emails, & social media can help achieve a hassle-free communication flow. It is also necessary to define the mode of communication to be used like video calls, audio calls, etc.

Using Project Management or Collaboration tools:

Defining what project management tools you need to use for managing each proejct activity is necessary. Popular project management tools like Asana, Wrike, Zoho, etc. can help manage software development projects smoothly.

These project management tools will help in smoothening the collaboration process and add value to your tech stacks.

Regularly providing feedback & reviews:

Constructive feedback can help you improvise. It is important to provide constructive feedback to your team. Based on the set KPIs, giving proper feedback can help a team member improve. Continuous feedback can help achieve a successful project deliverability.

Initiating team-building activities:

Including your remote team in various team-building activities can help you achieve & build a harmonious work environment. Conducting virtual team-building activities like online games, & virtual coffee breaks can help in achieving team unity. Building interpersonal relations is the secret to achieving a successful integration.

Providing equal opportunities:

After delegating the development project to outsourcing teams it is important to utilize the skills of an in-house team. To do this, the organization should assign the task of working on core job responsibilities. By doing, this the organization would be successful in achieving a sense of equality in the workplace.

Closing Notes

To meet the skill shortages, companies & enterprises are looking to hire remote developers to meet their project management needs.

Organizations can either choose to hire an Outsourcing Software Development Company or build a team of remote developers.

Based on the size & requirements of the proejct, the organization can choose the best fit for their software development project.

IT Staff Augmentation: Tackling Resource Scarcity


The IT staff augmentation market is rapidly expanding due to trends like AI, automation, remote work, and the demand for soft skills.

The global IT staff augmentation services market is expected to grow at a 3.53% CAGR from 2021 to 2025, reaching a substantial incremental expenditure of $81.87 billion.

The above statistics are proof that IT staff augmentation is considered the most beneficial approach to meet the skill gaps found during any software development process.

But like every other thing or concept Staff augmentation has two sides of the same coin i.e. there are certain challenges when you hire remote developers team to fulfill certain specific tasks that require certain specialized technical skills.

Let's understand all the drawbacks in length and figure out how to overcome them to hire skilled professionals for software development

7 Challenges of Staff Augmentation & best Practices to tackle them

Finding the right team members:

The shortage of IT talent in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and almost all over the world. There are huge skills gaps found in the existing team/ the in-house team of any organization.

The lack of specific skills has resulted in the increased demand for hiring a staff-augmented team.

That's why many companies are utilizing IT staff augmentation services, hiring dedicated offshore software developers from key IT outsourcing destinations such as Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

The solution: Partnering with a reliable Staff augmentation vendor.

The best solution to tackle the skill gap is to hire a reliable IT staff augmentation company. A vendor who is equipped with all the right tools and personnel presents the most effective solution to mitigate the risk.

To find the right IT Staff augmentation company for meeting software development needs, you should consider all the below things.

  • Culture compatibility
  • Time zone availability
  • Size of the talent resources

Follow the below steps to identify the right staff augmentation company

  • Selecting the most suitable location
  • Compiling a list of all vendors
  • Conducting an introduction round

Communication & Management:

Businesses often encounter communication challenges with remote teams using IT resource augmentation services, which can impede project development and lead to failure.

The solution: Build effective collaboration

Effective communication is the secret to a successful staffing partnership. No matter how big your staffing partner is, you should analyze some factors before setting up the collaboration.

  • Ensuring you have got right remote employees for the project delivery.
  • Choosing good collaboration tools is crucial.
  • Check reviews of the delivered services


Businesses face challenges with IT staff augmentation services when scaling development teams, as setting up large teams with lengthy recruitment processes can extend time-to-market. It's crucial to clarify the time required for a company to expand its team with an IT expert.

The solution: Choosing an IT Staff Augmentation partner with a wider network of IT talent.

Before partnering with a vendor, consider the key factors:

  • Assess the company's average attrition rate (aim for 10-15%).
  • Examine the vendor's internal pool of IT talents.

Time Zone Availability:

When you onboard an augmented team from a different time zone, coordinating the work schedule can be a hinderance.

Challenges include:

  • Limited real-time communication
  • Collaboration during unconventional hours.
  • Insufficient team bonding.

The Solution: Using time management tools and hiring staff augmentation services. By using proper time management tools you can ensure that your team is on the same page.

But, hiring a managed IT staff augmentation provider will ensure you are successfully addressing all the challenges to ensure productivity and timely delivery of the project.

The Legal Issues:

The quality of the project decides the success or failure of the business, a quality deliverability will give you growth but a poorly executed project will bring unfavorable consequences.

The Solution: Choose a Win-win contract

While hiring external software developers the contracts for software development are based on three outsourcing models, which are as follows

  • Long-term project
  • A short-term material and time project
  • A fixed-price project

Make sure the project requirements and contract align with each other, also few other elements should be there in every contract to prevent any legal complications

  • Enforce penalties for contract non-compliance
  • Define liability limits
  • Include warranty provisions for service quality

Hiring a global IT staff augmentation agency helps resolve legal issues and ensures a seamless contractual process.

The security risks:

This is one of the biggest challenges while using IT staff augmentation, as this method includes hiring external professionals /remote employees.

A few of these security concerns can be overcome by taking proper measures that every team needs to take while hiring new team members using the IT team augmentation process.

The solution: Find a striking balance between both efficiency and security

Cooperation with IT staff augmented teams should be conducted under proper NDA guidelines to reduce the risks of data breaches and fraudulent activities.

Ensure you are hiring a trusted team of remote developers.

Transfer project knowledge:

Effective knowledge transfer is crucial throughout the project development process. Poorly structured plans can lead to inconsistent knowledge transfer, wasting time, resources, and investments for businesses.

The solution: Promoting efficient knowledge sharing

To overcome knowledge transfer challenges, consider partnering with an IT staffing firm with expertise in global knowledge transfer practices.

In order to run a successful knowledge transfer, you need to implement and follow the below fundamental steps

  • Identify knowledge items for transfer.
  • Assign accountable individuals.
  • Verify technical documentation.

Now let's understand a few types of Staff Augmentation models an organization can choose to integrate with an existing in-house team.

8 Main Types of IT Staff Augmentation Services

  1. Project-based staff augmentation model: As the itself suggests in this type of augmented staff model the organization hires external resources to work on a specific project for a set period.
  2. Skill-based augmentation model: When an organization hires a temporary team of developers with specialized skills to achieve a successful project deliverable then it is known as a skill-based augmentation model.
  3. Time-based IT staff augmentation: When you hire third-party developers to work on a specific project for a specific time duration.
  4. Hybrid staff augmentation:- When an organization combines any two or more of the above models it is known as a hybrid model.
  5. Onshore IT team augmentation: When any company hires IT professionals from the same country with the same time zone and cultural background then it is known as an onshore augmented team.
  6. Nearshore staff augmentation: When remote employees are hired from a nearby country who follow the same time zone then it is termed as nearshore staff augmentation.
  7. Offshore staff augmentation: Working with IT professionals in different countries, often with a significant time difference, is known as offshore development. Hiring offshore software developers is a cost-efficient augmentation strategy.
  8. A dedicated team augmentation: Hiring a dedicated development team exclusively for specialized expertise to work on a project exclusively.

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Apart from securing talent, a crucial factor is adopting a budget-aligned hiring strategy to enhance project delivery. IT companies face challenges like expert shortages, security threats, time zone issues, and scalability.