How does Modalert start working in the CNS system?

CNS configuration is the set of procedures that enable a network device to retrieve and apply a configurable Cisco IOS software image from a trusted server. This enables automated workflows that eliminate the need for an on-site technician to perform manual configuration tasks. In addition, the configuration process enables the Cisco device to report status information of Modalert 200 Australia to the application that requires it as part of its normal operations.

The initial configuration of a router depends on the type of device and its operating environment. Many IP networks are complex, with a variety of different devices and hardware configurations. Configuration of individual devices in these environments is time-consuming and labor intensive. In addition, new services are often introduced at a rate faster than the number of available network engineers to handle them. This can lead to the need for a system that can automatically configure Cisco IOS devices and manage synchronized configuration updates across multiple devices in the network.

A CNS Flow-Through Provisioning structure uses a Cisco Intelligence Engine 2100 (Cisco IE2100) series CNS configuration engine, an information database of attributes, and configuration templates. The information database can reside on the IE2100 itself or can reside on a central server. The IE2100 sends a message to the CNS configuration server when it detects a change in its state that must be changed in the device's configuration. The config ID value that the IE2100 sends to the server is used to locate and retrieve the specific Cisco IOS configuration intended for the device that requested the configuration load.

Using the cns template connect command, you can enter CNS template connect configuration mode to define a set of discover commands and associated template commands that you want to apply to a router's configuration. Each command line in the CNS connect template can contain CNS connect variables that replace the values of variables defined by an associated discover command. The CNS connect variables enable you to specify a set of parameters that identifies the configuration to be applied to a router and the interface on which it should be applied.

Modalert Configuration

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